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Name: Yvette Endrijautzki Basile

Date of birth /place: 11.5.1974/germany

Contact: revolucifer@googlemail.com

Website: http//:yvette.ddmi.be

Since I was a child, I remember being attracted to the mysterious and dark side of life. The surreal, obscure, abnormal and unexplainable fascinated me in a cryptic way and drew me to a darker side of self-expression that reflects me and the world I live in. My refuge and work has become a conglomeration of various visual arts reaching across the spectrum such as socio-political illustrations and poster art, surreal paintings, wall mounted shrine-like sculptures and 3D arts, visceral assemblages and collages and awkward lamps.

The subject of death, suffering and the unknown is continually emerging and running through almost every one of my creations. I feel with some of my work I am trying to carry out the beauty and naturalness of many themes typically viewed as taboo, such as fear, hate, sadness, loneliness, pain and disgust.

Influenced by symbolism, the esoteric, surrealism, philosophy and various other worldly ideas inspired me to express my own microcosmic reality and give people a glimpse into my vision of the world.

Trying to face social and cultural matters combined with eco/political and psychological troubles, I move through tricky juxtapositions of oppositions, give disturbing images a natural beauty, and create harmony between controversy and contradictions.

The animals of nature have a profound meaning and effect on me. I find that the expression of my emotion, perception and vision through my work is the only way to try to come to terms with it.

Throughout the last few years, sculptural space has been my passion and my use of recycled scraps, found objects and broken artifacts has challenged my goals and continues to push me to create something unique and unprecedented. Iconographic objects and symbols are very characteristic for my imaginative shrine-like assemblages which are frequently outfitted with theatrical moving parts, lights or water that launch you into a demented wonderland, a surreal circus side show, an extraordinary carnival and a journey full of illusions, magic and fantasy.


1 year mask design/wigmaker

4 years filmmaking/camera assistence

2 years apprenticeship signmaker

2 years school for typography/calligraphy

3 years theatre work/pyrotechnic/fire performance

2 years bookbinding/papermaking/papermachee

2 years set designer/stage builder

1 year costume designer/tailor

Exhibitions/Performance History
1965/6 traveling street theatre "black crow" with fire performance

1997 -1999 music performance theater "tromatism" (france) with fire dance performance

1998 -2002 band with movie,animation,shadow theater,fire performance "anima et les poullaier"

2000 -2005 exhibits of handmade jewelery ,books and multimedia in cafes and all kinds of venues in germany and belgium

2006 -07 theater shows of the german pyrotec theater "titanick"

2008 - artshows of paintings and multimedia in cafes and galleries in germany

2008 march- artshow at the bedlam theater in mpls

april - artshow at restaurant luce downtown

july - artshow at caffetto (16th to 31st)and fallout artfest

(18th to 31st)

august- exhibit at the BEDLAM THEATER(til the 13th) and PIZZA LUCE uptown

(from the 1st to the 31st)

october- exhibition at St. Paul art crawl at the 10th,11th,12th

of october

i will be moving to SEATTLE in november 2008!!!

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